Saturday, 22 February 2020
Who we are
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Euroetik is a company specialized in design and manufacturing of automatic, semi-automatic and manual labeling machines, explosion proof labelling systems, thermal printers, pick & place devices and feeding device for flat products, transportation equipment and special labeling systems.
Built in the early 80s, with targets at European level, today acquired a global dimension. Always looking for more innovative performing and competitive solutions, Euroetik never stops improving its production according the European rules and laws.

This explains the presence of Euroetik products in all continents. Always looking for more innovative solutions and performance, they can be marketed at the best price, Euroetik never stops improving its products, integrating the full implementation of European standards.

These machines, developed by a team of high-level technicians in the fields of mechanics and electronics, are able to meet the different needs for food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, mechanical and others.

Using the 3D design software, systems are designed and manufactured internally by the Engineering Dept. Driven by a dynamic management, Euroetik is increasing daily, both in terms of market than for the technical standpoint. The Sales Office, Technical Service Department, Warehouse Shipping & Receiving goods, all cooperate together to reach the 'Customer Target'.

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